• Reviewed by: Missiguess  on: 2016-07-15T18:18:31
    100 items on buffet and nothing good to eat. To the owners pick a few items and make them good. Will never be back.
  • Reviewed by: momamac1980  on: 2016-02-21T13:59:02
    update coupons for 2016
  • Reviewed by: wildanimals4me2  on: 2015-07-08T06:42:59
    ~ I just wanted everyone to know about a concern we should all have about a place called ( Tokyo Grill ) located at 6124 White Horse Rd Greenville SC 29611 - I took my Daughter, and a friend to this place to eat on 7.7.2015 at 4:26 pm - We all had the Buffet, and as I started on my second plate I noticed ( Roaches ) crawling in, and over all the food so I yelled for the Servers to come see along with my friend as they all were looking at the ( Roach Bugs ) a Server picked up the item used to pick up Slices of Cake ( Cake Server ) then using them to knock off the ( Roaches ) into the floor then stepping on them while putting the ( Cake Server ) right back with the Cake to be used by others.. I told her that all this food must be thrown away, and jumped on her a little because she put the ( Server ) back with the food after it was used to touch, and knock off Roaches into the floor... The comment of the Server was ( It's Fine they Dead ) I told her that it wasn't fine, but it was like a broken record telling me ( That's its fine ) So I went up to the front to the ( Lady in Charge ) telling her what just happen, and her comments were that ( It's OK, We Spray ) ( We use Orkin once a week because we have many Roaches ) as I told her that she can't serve people that food she kept saying ( Its OK that all Restaurants have Roaches you just don't see them ) I said no they don't, and that she needed to tell people that they have a Roach problem, and put up a Sign ( She smiled saying no can't do that ) I asked her to remove all that food, and again she ( Laughed saying no it's OK Roaches are Dead ) I asked for the Owners Name, and Phone Number ( She Refused ) I asked for the Name, and Number to the Person in Charge ( She Refused ) so I contacted the Health Inspector so seek Justice now I will contact BBB, and a few others because ( IT'S NOT OK ) I ask nothing from anyone, but do not make the mistake I made by eating there ~ This so called Restaurant Deserves nothing less than to be Rated an F If we do not make our Voices heard we will only hear them saying ( IT'S OK ) We should watch out for each other if not who will ~ Enough Said ~
  • Reviewed by: chaseandgrace  on: 2015-05-09T12:36:48
    Why do you have coupons available on line from your website good for 10 off that expired almost 2 years ago?
  • Reviewed by: jstcefral  on: 2015-04-30T08:30:34
    my wife and i ate there 4/29/15food looked great--except all the cold food from the bar tasted terriblewe pointed this out to the waitress and she said food was cold because we were sitting where the AC was coming from the vent-we said it was from the bar-they were going to put fresh food out, but never saw that-went to tell another person and she didnt' seem to carewe have eaten there before and usually had good food served hotbut not this time--it will be awhile before we go backit is a shame to feel that way when you pay a high price for cold foodrefund on one bar price wouldve been good
  • Reviewed by: onyihems  on: 2015-02-11T13:11:26
    I love love the food but driving down there every time just wears me out. Pls start delivery.
  • Reviewed by: luckyson1113  on: 2015-01-24T03:56:15
    I ate their last night with my family and it was the worst tasting buffet I have ever had. The presentation looked good but that was about it. Food side the salad was the only thing I ate that I didn't spit out. I think my family should get out money returned cause I got sure don't wanna go back.
  • Reviewed by: lucycagle  on: 2015-01-03T14:34:55
    We came to eat with our Grand daughter, lives in Ga. she's Ten years old when paying I told the people her age, because she is a tall girl for her age they charged us a adult price. She is a child and eats as a child wasn't the first time we were treated poorly. But this will be the last time we spend our money to visit them. Be assured we will spread the word.
  • Reviewed by: lovedove50  on: 2014-11-12T23:52:28
    I love this place, it is my favorite place to eat. your ad here says you have Mexican food also, what do you have that's Mexican
  • Reviewed by: aidivn.fashion  on: 2014-11-01T13:49:45
    Very clean. The foods are good with quality. I am hoping to see carb legs and sesame balls too. It will be a great deal and attract more customers if you can issues a coupon from time to time in your coupon section.
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